As a business owner, being legally compliant relies on being aware of rules & regulations. Consult a legal professional now!

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Over the past several years, the policy and procedures regulating and governing the Indian corporation have been progressively liberalised and simplified. However, there are several compliances requirements that need to be adhered to, failing which there could be consequences of disqualification of directors, attracting of penal provisions and in some cases even imprisonment of the directors and key personnel.

Possible precautionary measures have to be taken by the entry-level players while doing business in India, with more focus on the requirements under the Companies Act, 2013 (New Companies Act) and then on some other key legislations.

As a business owner, you’ll know that being legally compliant relies on being aware of rules and regulations. You may wish to consult a legal professional to help you with all the legal requirements that you must comply with, such as licences and registrations, contracts and leases.

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